Paper Gift Bags

Paper Shopping Bags With Rope Handles

Posted by papergiftbags in October 8, 2013

kraft paper bags Paper shopping bags offer huge handle selctions to fit different requirement and Different handles can provide more choices to create personalized paper bags.Handle options include PP rope handles,cotton rope handles,ribbon handles,dir cut handles,twisted paper handle and more.Those handles cover different cost range ,for example die cut handles need not material, is is punched on bags to handle shape,although die cut handle cost is cheap,and ribbon handle look more luxurious,it is the reason why ribbon handle are used on luxury paper bags.4PaperBag offer full range of paper shopping bags with different handles that can meet your demand at handles.go to get detail.

Eco friendly shopping bags

Posted by papergiftbags in December 28, 2012

Paper bags have many variety,they are made from different paper.Those bags that are made from brown kraft paper are called as brown paper bags.many many years ago brown paper bags are known as low-cost and ecnomy shopping bags because they are very cheap.Nowadays brown paper bags have become more popular because they are friendly to our environment.
In fact some brown kraft paper are made from recycled material,if use this paper to make paper bags and twisted paper handle that glue on bags,all brown paper bags can be 100% bio-degraded in nature- even those brown paper bags are discarded,they can bring pollution to our environment.
In fact although brown paper bags are low cost,there are many selections of finishes to make brown paper bags look more luxurious.More information please go 4PaperBags to get.

How to get reusable shopping bags

Posted by papergiftbags in December 27, 2012

In order to protect our environment,reusable shopping bags have become popular.What are reusable shopping bags? usually those shopping bags that can be recycled and reusable are known as reusable shopping bags. Nowadays non woven bags and brown paper bags are main reusable shopping bags that are eco friendly to our environment and can be re-used many time –even last year.
Non woven bags are made from no woven polypropylene that can be 100% bio-degraded in nature, there are so many colors to choose to make colorful shopping bags and easy to be made into any size to fit any ends.Non woven bags are very durable.They can be washed and re-used many times.
Where to find non woven bags.Shopping Bags Direct is good place,because Shopping Bags Direct have not only non woven bags but also brown paper bags,laminated paper bags even gift boxes at cheap price.

Paper gift bags

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Paper is thr best material to print any fine art work on. And paper gift bags are made from those printed paper,it means any creative design can be perfectly printed on paper gift bags. So paper gift bags have so many themes to fit different occasion.
As paper gift bags wholesale,Shopping Bags Direct have wide selections of paper gift bags with many design. if you are owner of store,you can select serval designs of paper gift bags to store in store to fit different festival.

Paper Gift Bags

Posted by papergiftbags in November 26, 2012

If you are looking for paper gift bags,Paper Gift Bags Direct is the right place. Usually most of paper bags maufacturer offer paper gift bags, the difference are design and price. Some paper bags manufacturer just provide solid color paper gift bags or plain paper bags as selelction. But at Paper Gift Bags Direct, you can find many paper gift bags coming wide variety of design, and every year they design new themes to provide at their site.

Where to get Paper gift bags?

Posted by papergiftbags in October 8, 2012

Paper gift bags is quick way to wrap gift,there are so many themes and design for paper gift bags to fit any occasion or festival such as birthday,wedding favor and more.And the advantage of paper gift bags is that they cover any budget from cheapest brown paper bags to luxury laminated paper bags.

Where to get paper gift bags? Paper Gift Bags Direct is the best place to find wide selection of paper gift bags.

Paper Gift Bags

Posted by papergiftbags in September 8, 2012

At Paper Gift Bags Direct, you can find width selection for paper gift bags, that have so many size,themes,and shape.

Gift Boxes

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Welcome to Gift Boxes Direct- where selecting a great range of cheap gift boxes and gift packaging supplies is simple, easy and affordable. Whether you are a corporate customer looking for custom printed gift packing boxes for client gifts, a bride and groom looking for wholesale gift boxes for bomboniere’s or a retail outlet looking for a great deal on gift packaging supplies and cheap gift boxes to enhance your products- Gift Boxes Direct is your one stop shop for genuinely cheap wholesale gift boxes and all of your gift packaging supplies!

Take your time to browse our wholesale supplies below- we know you’ll be more than impressed with our incredible range of quality, cheap gift boxes and paper shopping bags,non woven bags,paper gift bags

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With our great wholesale prices, no matter what gift you are presenting, you can make it look a million dollars! Our gift packaging products are all made with high quality materials, come in a diverse range of colours and sizes and are perfect for all industries and occasions. From gorgeous wholesale gift bags and tissue paper to decorative ribbon and cello, we can help you create a masterpiece every time!

Additional Products

In addition to our gift packaging range we also stock a great range of cheap wholesale gift bags.

Make your gift something exceptional with Newbound Gift Boxes. Our gift boxes are made with premium quality 800gsm cardboard, finished with a superior glossy lamination and delivered to you flat-packed Available in a number of versatile sizes, they are easy to assemble and have our unique corner locking system to keep them neatly folded and tight. All sizes are available in white, and a selection of sizes have other functional colours to choose from

gift boxes

Paper bags

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We are supplying paper bags and non woven bags all over the world. We specialise in personalised bags to suit

your exact requirement and we also hold a wide range of plain bags in stock in various colours and sizes, which

are available immediately. Our custom made printed bags enables you to choose any size, shape or colour you

like with your own company logo and artwork printed on them. All our products are of excellent quality, at a

competitive price and with a high standard of service. Our luxury paper carriers is made from high quality art

paper and can be printed in standard offset printing, logos can also be foil hot-stamped and embossed to the

colour of your choice to create the ultimate in bag design. Our cotton/canvas and jute bags are totally natural,

biodegradable and environmentally friendly. You can visit to get more information.

Our aim is customer satisfaction. Our sales team are dedicated to take care of all your requirements from the


of your first contact right up to the delivery of your goods. We endeavour to give you our personal attention to

ensure that we can meet your most stringent requirements.

We have our own in-house team, who are able to offer a complete graphic design service or you can just supply

artwork to your own design if required.

All shipping is handled by us, handling all customs formalities and paying any duty applicable. Final delivery

is to your specific instructions whether multi-drop or single consignment. Let us prove our commitment to you.

Paper bags-printed paper bags

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Every business and stores do need shopping bags to carry goods. Although there are a great variety of

shopping bags, Printed paper bags are the best choice. Printed paper bags are recyclable and reusable,

as eco friendly shopping bags, printed paper bags look very beautiful and colorful when it comes to

marketing a business. They are affordable, easy ways to spread the word about your goods and services.

You can find out more about why printed paper bags are so great by reading on below.

Mobile Advertisements -

Every time a customer walks out of your store with printed paper bags in tow, they are carrying away

an advertisement for your business. Even if they strictly bring the bags straight home, your printed bags

will remind them of your establishment. As they walk down the street, passersby will see the printed

messages and advertisements on the bags; in turn, they may become curious about your store and stop in


Extra Marketing Never Hurts -

Even if you think that you have a full-fledged, robust marketing campaign in place, there’s really no such thing as going too far with it. Printed

paper bags can enhance your existing marketing campaign by a considerable degree, helping you spread

your message a lot farther - and a lot more efficiently. Many people like to hold on to the paper bags that

they receive from retailers, reusing them for a variety of purposes. In that case, your marketing message

could be displayed several times over - on a single plastic bag! The possibilities really are endless.

An Inexpensive Enhancement to Your Marketing Campaign -

Some companies balk at the idea of expanding their marketing campaigns, citing the extra expense that

they simply can’t afford. You’re probably already using paper bags, though; printed bags aren’t a whole

lot more costly. The small amount of extra money that you will spend is sure to go a really long way. Even

if your company only manages to gain a few clients through the efforts of your new printed bags, it is quite

likely that they will pay off their investment in no time. The return that you will receive on your investment

is sure to be considerable in the long run.

Putting a Professional Face Forward -

Finally, printed paper bags help maintain and promote your brand, creating a cohesive and professional image.

Your customers will appreciate the extra thought that you have put into your establishment, thanks to your

printed plastic bags. By emblazoning your logo on your bags, you can tie everything together in a really

appealing and eye-catching way. As shoppers roam around your store - and stream in and out of it - your printed paper bags

will highlight your store’s brand and reputation. In short, printed paper bags are very worthwhile accessories

that you should definitely consider using.

More information please go and see


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